Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – 2019 Unboxing and First Look!

by Daniel S. Folkes

The Amazon fire tv stick 2019

It is a second generation device produced by the Amazon company. It’s one of the Company’s cheapest video streaming machine. This device allows you to stream from Netflix and Amazon video. It also enables the user to stream full roster of the United Kingdom’s catch up offerings such as ITV Hub, All 4 and the BBC’s iPlayer.There exist more applications apart from the video stream. They are not limited to Spotify and Prime music, and access to the growing games library of Amazon.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Remote

There has been a new development to Amazon fire stick and the latest version look more accessible and pretty. It exhibits improved Wifi and a faster processor. The new Amazon fire tv stick goes up to full HD of about 1080p resolution. The device helps its users to view either HDR video or 4K ultra HD.

Key features
• It has upgraded wifi of about 802.11ac
• It contains updated and latest user interface
• It encompasses Alexa voice control
• It has quad-core CPU
• It has a high resolution of 1080p

Design and build
This device looks like a memory stick that is on steroids and it has been plug into HDMI port on a Television. It is designed and housed in a neat rectangular plastic. If squeezed, it will creak. The good thing is that .it feels tough to serve you.

Fire TV Stick - Unboxing First Look
Fire TV Stick – Unboxing First Look

Set up and interface
Setting up this device is very simple. You need to plug this machine into an HDMI slot that is spare on your television. Thereafter you also plug the USB of this device into a source of power. You ‘ll end up seeing certain on-screen details/instructions get into your Alexa remote control paired. The Amazon fire stick tv will be hooked up to your house network. Once you take an initiative to sign into your account of Amazon, you will be definitely ready to use the device to serve your purposes.

Its menus justify that there exists a new quad-core processor that enhances the boost of the power of this valuable device. The technological features of this device allow the user to browse quickly, it is also easy to select your favorite flicks on the menu. Above all, this device allows a quick search of content on the menu of the Alexa remote control.

Alexa voice commands work extremely fantastic. The device provides accurate and fast results. It enables you to search by either actor, film name or genre. Therefore you can easily control electronic elements in your house without complications.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K - Installation
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – Installation

• It is a more stable and faster device to use on your tv
• It contains Alexa voice commands that work efficiently
• It has a simple and improved interface
• It is cost effective and suits the budget of a buyer

• It is only convenient for prime users

I recommend you to embrace the Amazon fire tv stick to provide you with the needed technological features that will allow you to accomplish your goals. You can’t afford to have a device with high resolving power and a fast processor.

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