How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick?

by Daniel S. Folkes

How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick – With the advent of better technology for streaming devices, it is no wonder that people find ways to circumvent payment walls and other restrictions. After all, free is better. It is the case for jailbreaking devices as well.

What is Jailbreaking?

Break free! That is the motto at play right here. You might have heard the term or read about it online. It sounds rather illegal.

According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act set by the Library of Congress in 2012, it is not.

Some people will still claim that the action is contrary to the rules established. Others believe that it is fair to gain access to privileges that they may not ordinarily find through their device. Especially if they have to spend quite a buck to get said device.

So what exactly is jailbreaking?

How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick

You might have noticed that people usually use the term in connection with an Apple device. It is because Apple provides one of the most secure mobile and computing devices in the market today.

A jailbreak, in essence, unlocks a device and gives it capabilities that the manufacturer did not originally intend for it to have.

What is the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

When an idea becomes profitable, everyone wants a piece of the money cake. In this case, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a new home streaming device. The setup is simple; you have to plug the device directly to the HDMI port of your TV (similar to how a Chromecast or Apple TV). Once connected, it gives you access to your favorite movies, games, music, tv channels, and more.

If you are wondering why these streaming devices are suddenly gaining popularity, then one word: portability.

The fire stick, for example, holds all your content that you can carry it with you wherever you go. If you are traveling abroad, you only have to find a TV with an HDMI port and voila! Instant access to your favorite

How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Jailbreaking the Fire Stick is simpler than you think. You need the device itself, the remote, and an internet connection.

Before actually trying to jailbreak the device, you might need first to modify the settings on the Fire Stick.

Now do not be alarmed. We know that the thought of changing settings raises the panic level to be nuclear. We will not be modifying the core files or sending your Fire Stick haywire.

Step 1: Changing the Settings for Jailbreak

the remote, select the Settings option from the home screen

choose My Fire TV (older devices might have this option named as Device)

Developer Options on the next menu

the option under Apps from Unknown Sources to “ON.”

prompted, select “Turn On.”

Step 2: Get the Downloader app on your Fire Stick

You cannot usually find this app in the Fire Stick. You will have to download it manually and install it in your device.

over to the home screen and use the Search option to look for Downloader

Downloader when you discover it in the search results

the next screen, select the Downloader icon and then finally choose download

for it to install on your Fite Stick completely

installed, select the Open option to launch the app

Step 3: Get ready to jailbreak

But first, you will need Kodi. In a nutshell, Kodi is a media app that connects you to a massive database of free entertainment. After all, free is better.

To begin with, head over to your home screen.

the Downloader app

you open it, you will notice a field to type in your URL

in either of the options below (it is your choice):

a.For Kodi 18.0 Leia –

b.For the latest stable version (17.6 Krypton) –

GO after you have entered the URL

will now get the APK file

for the file to install

That’s it. Congratulations on ailbreaking your Amazon Fire TV Stick

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